iPhone repair Southport - Learn how to fix your iPhone, in house training Southport
Business hours:10am - 4pm Monday - Friday

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iPad and iPhone repair training centre

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Training instruction in the repair of iPads and iPhones

We can be found in the seaside resort of Southport on the Northwest coast. Check directions here

Lancashire repair training for fixing iPhones and iPads

We have been successfully running repair training courses for several years from this location in Southport. Our iPhone and iPad repair training is both instructive and comprehensive, and you will be directed through the repair and replacement of all the major components in the iPhone and iPad.

Fully hands on practical tuition in locating and repairing
faulty/broken components in iPads and iPhones

Day 1 - Focuses on the iPhone. iPhone repair training
From 10am to 5pm, you will look at the iPhone 3, 4 and 5. You will learn how to safley replace all the removable components, whilst continually monitoring the devices core functionality.

Day2 - Focuses on the iPad. iPad repair training
On day two you will repairing the iPad 2, 3 and iPad4, again you will learn in a structured tuition session how to find and repair the most common faults, breakages and software problems that effect these devices.

We go through the iPad 2,3 and 4.
After you have gone through all the stages of your iPad repair training replacing parts similar to the iPhone, and successfully mastered these procedures the days training is finished with a recap and any questions you have regarding any of the elements of the training you might wont to look over again..

How to fix an iPad How to fix an iPhone Training courses for fixing iPhones

Call us now to enquire about the courses, and get more detailed information and current availablity of courses running at this time.
01704 807373, or drop us a line on our contact page and well get back to you within 24 hours.

Replacing faulty components on the iPhone and iPad

Some of the things you will learn
  • Loud speakers
  • Charge port
  • Battery
  • Checking for water damage
  • Front and back camera
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