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Iphone repair & iPhone training

Broken screen
Power button stuck
Faulty home button
No wifi connection
No power
Screen freeae


Red ring of death
Disc drive problems
Graphics distorted
XBox - Request a repair

PC or laptop working slow?

Corrupt hard drive
Virus removal
PC will not start
Laptops replacement screen

Play station

Yellow light of death
System does not turn on
No picture on tv screen
No sound
What we do, in a nutshell

iPhone, smart phone, laptops, and PC repair Southport

All iPhone repairs inc. Screen, home button, power button.
All console repairs inc. Red ring of death, YLOD, disc read errors.
All laptop repairs inc. windows reload, virus removal, hardware faults
Same day repairs
01704 807373
17 Princes Street, PR8 1EG Southport

No Fix - No Fee!
Located in Southport, we offer repairs on iPhones all laptops, consoles, smart phones,
from broken screens to faulty hardware, open six days a week.

Southport iPhone REPAIRS - iPhones, other smart phones, PC's Laptops, Games consoloes, Xbox, Playstation

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Desktop & Laptops More
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TRAINING - In house training for diagnosing and fixing iPhones to iPads

We provide in house training for iPhone, iPad. and various other smart phones and computing hardware. You will be instructed over two day sessions in the diagnostic assessment of problems relating to these devices. Once a specific cause for inactivity is found you will prepare the device for repair. Your instructor will guide you through step by step the stages including safely opening the device to establishing and correcting the problem.

How to fix an iPad How to fix an iPhone Training courses for fixing iPhones
Find out more about iPhone repair courses


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Iphone and Ipad training courses

The iPhone and iPad repair training courses are filling up fast. Enter you details on the contact page to enquire about availability in the coming months. Two days of one to one training in our shop in the heart of Southport. If you would prefer to talk to one of our staff, just give us […]

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Posted on Tuesday 10th February, 2015

Iphone and iPad repair training courses

All aspects of iPhone and iPad repair taught in a hands on way in our shop in Southport. We run courses over a two day period from 10pm to 5pm, where you will receive one to one tuition. We will replace component parts including screen (digitizer), loud speaker, charge port, battery, also checking devicesfor water […]

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Posted on Thursday 19th June, 2014


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